Michele (miaka2u) wrote in rudetifa,

Real Life RudexTifa?!

It's been nearly a year since this community has been posted in. What's wrong with you people?! DX Totally the most adorable pairing ever!!! In fact, it is so adorable that I found an adorable Rude cosplayer at a convention to take pictures with in my Tifa cosplay.





This one is my desktop background. LOLOLOLOL

Our new name for the pairing is TiDe. They keep it clean. XD Ahahahahah!
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May 16 2009, 15:54:04 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  May 16 2009, 16:02:59 UTC

ZOMG!! this is guh! i'm *flails* seriously...just... no words just pure happy!
you're right! he is an adorable Rude! <3
^_^ Isn't he the most adorable Rude? ^________________^ <3 I'm lucky! He's a sweet guy too~~!
He is seriously one of the best Rude's I've ever seen. Kudos to him.
You're lucky indeed! Is he something more personal than a fellow cosplayer? *grins*
HA! XD I wish...
I thought i'd ask! He is handsome. Your cosplay is stunning and paired with his - freaking amazing.
Wow, that's the best Rude I've ever seen.
Nice costumes!
^_____________^ I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing that! Thanks! <3~~~

Deleted comment

^^ <3 Thanks!

Deleted comment

He.IS.Rude. XD
Anyone else notice the wolfs head ring on Tifas finger? Btw, the last one is now my desktop too X3
*snicker* I noticed that when I was taking the pictures. I was like........ Tifa's totally cheating on Cloud. ^^;;; I like both pairings honestly, but..... the ring was so not TiDe appropriate.
I love this so so much. SO SO SO MUCH. Thanks for posting.
<3 Thanks for checking them out!

That's EERILY good.

Definitely the best Rude ever.
I'll let him know! <3 I'm sure he'll appreciate it! <3

Tide is haute.