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Title: Proposal

Rating: T

Pairing: Rude/Tifa Lockhart

Summary: Rude can't wait to pop the question.  How will Tifa react?


Rude glanced at the room nervously. He’d spent the past week composing the lines, then rehearsing them until he was satisfied that he wasn’t going to muddle them up. He obviously didn’t count on the gorgeous woman in front of him wearing the sexy strip of cloth that she calls her dress.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Give me strength to go through with this.

“Rude?” Her soft voice gave him the courage. He knelt down on one knee and ignored her audible gasp. Fighting to keep his hands steady, he presented her with a diamond studded ring.


“Tifa. I…”


“Oh! Rude…”


“I love you Rude, I really do, but…”


“…I don’t think I’m ready for marriage.”


Rude summoned every inch of his Turk upbringing but nothing had prepared him for this crushing humiliation. Months of dating, he even shares her bed nowadays, all for naught. He doubted Tifa was the type to play with guys, but what the hell was this about? We’ve known each other for years, been sparring buddies for almost a year, dated for eight months, and had mind-blowing sex for five. And she’s not yet ready?


Guess she hasn’t gotten used to the idea of having bald children.


“Rude!” His eyes widened. Did I just say that out loud?


“I want to have bald children with you!” She blinked, frowned, and shook her head. “Wait, that did not sound right. Rude, I love you. I want to have children with you, and I don’t care whether they have hair. You’re sweet, witty, and caring.”


“But not husband material.” Shut up, Rude!


“Please Rude…”


“…” Yes, just shut your big fat mouth...




“…” …before you say anything stupid again.


“Rude!” She sounded exasperated. Now what?!




“Hear me out.”


He nodded. She sighed.


“Look Rude, it’s not that I don’t think that you would make a good husband…” There she goes with all those negations again. At least she’s as uncomfortable as me, she only forgets plain English when she’s nervous.


“…and really, well, I would love to nothing more than to be your wife.”


“You’ll think I’m so silly, but the reason I don’t want to get married is that I don’t want to raise a family yet. Maybe in a couple of years, but not now. ”


“You lost me.”


“I want you all to myself! Just Rude and Tifa. I want to enjoy us together before we start a family.”


He fought to keep his smirk down. “Tifa, we can be married and not have kids immediately. It’s not requisite.”


“I know! And don’t laugh at me! I know you’re just hiding it.” She punched his arm hard. Ouch. That hurt.


“Rude… I’ve been looking after Denzel and Marlene for the longest time. Everyone knows I want to be a mom. In fact, everyone expects me to settle down and start a family. I want that. I really do. But I also want some freedom first. Maybe go around the world? I miss that. I liked traveling. I’d like to have babies after I’ve seen all there is and I can tell our children all those stories about our adventures. I just want to go out and have something for myself. I don’t know… just you and me.”


“Why don’t we go see the world for our honeymoon? Like a six-month or even a year-long journey around the world? I’ll take a leave and Yuffie can watch over Marlene and the bar. Then when we get back we can settle down if you want.” She looked at him as if he grew another head. What?! I’m a guy. What’s the point of a wedding if not the honeymoon? Oh yeah. She turned me down. Damn. Is she crying?




She remained silent but there were tears streaming down her face.


“Tifa. If you think spending a year with only me as company is that terrible, then maybe I shouldn’t even be talking about marriage.”






“Yes, I will marry you Rude. I really would love that, spending all that time with you, seeing the world, raising beautiful bald children…”


“Um Tifa…”


“…son, and maybe a daughter…”






“Tifa, I haven’t asked the question yet.”


He can imagine the events of the evening passing through her mind as she gave him a confused look.


“Oh! I’m so sorry Rude. I interrupted you earlier, didn’t I?”




“Would… would you like to do it now? At least you don’t have to be nervous. You already know my answer.”


“Good point.” They shared a laugh. Getting down on one knee, he took both her hands in his.


“I had a long beautiful speech that took me a couple of days to write and a whole afternoon to rehearse.” She raised an eyebrow at that. “But after this, I don’t think it’s the best one for the occasion.”




“Tifa, I love you. I want to see the world with you and eventually give you bald children. Will you marry me?”


“Yes, Rude. I will.”


He knew the stupid grin was still plastered on his face as he slipped the ring on her finger and she pulled him to his feet. She giggled at his bemused expression before giving him a passionate kiss and leading him towards her bedroom.

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