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Fanfic Post: Testament

Hello, this is Tokiya x3 Long time fan, first time poster here, I thought I'd crosspost a piece of mine o/

Title: Testament
Rating: Soft R
Series: Final Fantasy VII (AC)
Character(s): Rude/Tifa
Warnings: Suggestive themes, references to mutilation of skin
Word Count: 402
Summary: This scar is a mark she’s been hiding, her own secret of weakness and vulnerability but to Rude, it’s a testament of her strength.

They’ve been leading up to this point for some time now.

Warm firm kisses and strong hands caressing the folds and contours of each others bodies. Tongues dipping and tasting, grazing soft and tough skin alike. Groans and whispers sneaking out and filling the room.

None of this is surprising, doesn’t make Rude’s breath catch in his throat where Tifa rests, straddled on top of his body after breaking a kiss.

It’s the stretch of skin right above her left breast revealed by a partially undone zipper that does it. The scar is long and deep, cutting down diagonally tinged dark ruddy brown. It’s the kind that you look at and assume it must still hurt because the skin’s barely healed and the last time you remember seeing something like it was on a corpse. He’s no stranger to how ugly and rough and long they can last but one glance at Tifa’s face reveals she’s forgotten that.

Eyes anxious and breathing slightly unsteady, she looks ready to move and cover herself, hide away the mark she previously hinted about. But Rude pushes himself up before she can, one hand moving to gently hold the junction between her neck and shoulder and the other to cup her stomachs side.

He presses himself softly against her lips before trailing down her neck slowly, over her collarbone and to where her scar begins. Kissing the beginnings, he thinks of it from a technical aspect and it's impressive. The length and curve indicate a weapon (perhaps a blade), so close to her heart and delicate flesh of her breast he can only imagine the pain she experienced. Opening his mouth wider and pressing wetter kisses he hears her gasp above him, starting to tremble and lets his tongue dart out slowly, into a deep curve of the scar and he can practically feel the sensation buzz through Tifa.

This scar is a mark she’s been hiding, her own secret of weakness and vulnerability but to Rude, it’s a testament of her strength.

She is a survivor, a fighter, a woman able who bears her calloused hands without gloves and toughened figure with pride. This scar is a trophy, one of many memories that lead to create the woman she is today.

And for that, Rude will love it and treasure it with each kiss and flick of his tongue, letting her know all the while.

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