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rude ♥ tifa / a fan community
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welcome to rudetifa, a community dedicated to the pairing of Rude and Tifa Lockheart from Final Fanatsy VII.

As you can see, and as stated above, this is a fan community for those who are fans and who support/ship the pairing of Rude x Tifa. Here you are able to discuss the pairing however you want (may it be through fanfiction, simple discussions with the other members) and you should feel free to show off your artwork or fanfiction, music videos for the FFVII game, or whatever you'd like.

We would like that very much! Icons and graphics are also welcomed.

Now, while on that note of discussion, I will say this: please do not bash or flame others if they don't agree with you on certain points. That sort of stuff will not be tolerated, as will drama and wank not be tolerated. This is a fan community. Let's just have fun and discuss our ship without having to bother making rude comments about others and their personal ships if it isn't Rude x Tifa. If you want to wank and whine and complain? Do it on your own journal, please.

Now, finally, if you aren't a shipper of this pairing and you feel like causing trouble? Please don't...we're just here to talk about this pairing in peace. No trouble is being looked for. That's all I ask. Please respect the fact we ship Rude x Tifa.

Thank you.


savifa - aim: badahbaba / carry this tune (mod)


if you want to affiliate your community to this community just comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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version 1.0 "If You Want Me To" by Ginny Owens. Image(s) in layout is from Advent Children.

Blatantly stole the introduction and tweaked it from my Edgar/Terra comm sandandmagic - I'm such a thief ;D