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Title: Metaphors.
Rating: NC-17.
Warning: VERY graphic.
First POV.
Summary: They’re experimenting in bed, and Tifa’s being mentally aware of his prowess.
Genre: more on the humourous side.

His cock is big. No. Huge. No. No. Oh hell. It’s so pretty. Is that even a word to call it? The way it curves slightly to the right, or is it left, oh fuck me. He feels good in my hands too.


“Hmm” I look up, I could feel the heat slink from the depths of my décolletage, to my cheeks. Yes, I believe they’re flaming. Okay, so I turn a little, so that my hair’s covering the side of my face, like a falling rain. Wow. Metaphor. Oh shit. What’s the matter with me? I’m sitting here on the messy bed with Rude, half naked, holding his cock in my hand, fondling him and I’m thinking of stupid metaphors.

“Are you – “ he sounds choked up, “are you, going to do anything to my cock?”

Aww, the poor guy. I look up at him again, and nod, smiling, almost shyly, feeling for him a little, though I shove that thought out of my head, because looking at him. If the guys could see him now. He’s so delicious; anyone could eat him all up.

He clears his throat, and there’s a half -growl there, his lips are full, so pretty – I want to kiss them. He’s bare-chested, nice too, the way his muscles are so tight, bronze, no—dark and smooth, like something from a painting—no, something from a sculptured piece of art work, except better in the flesh. Oh shit. He’s placing his hands on the back of my head and I could hear the back of my throat utter something incoherent, because I’ve lost all thought-- I’m moaning, now. His tongue slides into my mouth, and its hot, it feels so good. I suck his tongue and I hear his hoarse gasps, moves his mouth along mine, angling enough so our kisses are full-on, mouth and tongue – mouth and tongue – oh yes, if I could, but I can’t because my eyes are closed and I’m enjoying the feel of his hands on my ass, his fingers cupping. His other hand still at the back of my head now, moving down to caress my neck, sliding along the long hairs, and my skin tingles. I move closer, my hand still gently holding his cock, sliding down slow, until my fingers reach the base, teasing against the skin, the curls of the hairs tickle. I want to suck his balls too; like cherry flavoured ice drops swirling in my mouth, except no ice, just rough skin and boneless man-candy. Hmmm nice metaphor.

Ah. I can’t wait to have him, but I’m patient. All good things come to those who wait. I’m going to let him guide me this time. He’s got me under him now, with his body above me, his hand possessively on my breast, cupping it, fondling it the way I’m fondling him.

I’m so glad he doesn’t tweak my nipples. I hate that. He just knows what to do with my body. Good, good Rude.

He releases my mouth to glide his lips, hot and moist against my skin down to my shoulder. It feels, oh too much! So fucking good that my stomach feels like it’s tight and constricted.

Gently, slowly, I move over to his forehead, to plant my lips against his bald head, so- so achingly beautiful, not shiny, just so right, so kissable-- the way he tastes. My lips kiss along his temple, down to his cheek, and my tongue just slips out, a little to taste more of him. He feels gravelly along his jaw, where the line of his day-old growth of beard sticks out. But I can feel the texture of him, and I suddenly want to feel the texture of his cock.

He groans something like my name, not sure what he is saying but he is trembling and I like that. I like to make him tremble. Tremble like a quick little quake, and bubbling enough to fill all the geysers and blow him out of his world. Yes, I like metaphors, and even more so when I move my ass against his thighs, his super-hard-very huge cock is against my stomach. I don’t mind the pre-come that makes its way to my skin—down –down like a wet invisible gel—sweet and mouth-watering, almost.

Maybe, I’ll give him a decent suck before he takes me. I know he can control it. He’s good at that. I like men who can control themselves. And those that can come a lot. Ah yes, I’ve got a winner here.

I give him one last look, and he sucks his breath in as I make my way down to his cock.

Yes, good Rude, good delicious Rude with his big beautiful black cock.

A/N: I looked up whether or not Rude is black or just simply tanned, and seriously I don’t care what colour he is, but that he’s got to be very nicely dark down there. At gamespots they seem to argue he isn’t.
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